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A rare instrument indeed!

This guitar was made before the famous Gretsch letter arrived to Fender on February 20th of 1951. The letter was meant for Fender to stop using the original name of these guitars "Broadcaster" since Gretsch had already a drum kit named Broadkaster

During this time the famous and few "Nocaster" guitars were made, where the name Braodcaster was hand cut from the decal before installing it, and this process lasted a few months until the name Telecaster came into place in September of the same year. 
The blackguard guitar makes a few changes during it's production from 1950 to 1954. 
This particular instrument features a Donut routing and a Quarter Sawn ash body! 

All electronics are original, all dates are present, has blent circuit, it's it's light it's resonant, the body was refinished recently by the great Carson Hess, the guitar comes with original pictures from Carter Vintage Guitars as well as receipt upon request. 
Try and find another Blackguard with a donut routing and a quarter sawn ash body

Original hard shell case. 

Rare 1951 Fender Nocaster

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